The Dernehl Company

General Contractor
Atlanta / Los Angeles
Established 1972

Started by patriarch Bob Dernehl in 1972, the Dernehl Company is a construction business devoted to the highest possible standards of workmanship. This our team.

President & Owner
Bob Dernehl

The Dernehl Company was started by Bob Dernehl in 1972. As a perceptive and talented young builder, Bob sought a better climate than his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and made his way south to Atlanta, Georgia.

Since moving to Atlanta, Bob has made Georgia his home, and the Dernehl Company his business. Under his sure hand, the company has prospered. In the last forty years, Bob and his crew have built more than 75 custom homes, remodeled hundreds more, and renovated many of Atlanta’s landmarks and historic buildings.

Bob’s personal commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of the company. By treating each customer with the respect and attention that he would give to his own family, Bob has made certain that the Dernehl Company has nothing but satisfied customers.

Brody Dernehl

The Dernehl Company is proud to be expanding into the Los Angeles market, with Brody at its helm.

Bob's only son, Brody began working in construction at a very young age. His father would leave him at job sites with a broom and come back several hours later after he had swept the entire job.

While still in school, Brody spent his summers working full-time on construction sites, first as a material runner. From there he began working as a carpenter, driving heavy equipment and, many homes later, was managing jobs for his father.

For the last nine years, Brody has been managing large construction sites in the Atlanta area, the mountains of Northern Georgia, and Los Angeles building homes developing properties. Brody expanded The Dernehl Company's licensing to include CA in 2009.

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